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Course Id :54
Posted Date :7/28/2021 12:00:00 AM
Category :Fire Prevention and Safety

What Will I Learn?



Causes of Fire

Methods to Suppress Fire


Responsibilities of Head Security


Causes of Fire

The Security Officers must be aware that the following can be the most probable causes of Fire:


            (a)        Accidental

            (b)        Carelessness

            (c)        Arson

            (d)        Sabotage

            (e)        Faulty care & maintenance & storage system

            (f)        Smoking

            (g)        Welding, Gas Cutting, Heating

            (h)        Static Electricity

            (j)         Electricity & Electrical Equipments

            (k)        Spontaneous Ignition

            (l)         Heating Process

            (m)      Burning of Waste Papers & Rubbish

            (n)        Naked Light

            (o)        Leakage of Gas

            (p)        Lightening

            (q)        Cutting of Empty Oil Drums

            (r)        Use of Fire-works during Festival

            (s)        Mixing of reactive chemicals


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