Globalization has changed the structure and pace of corporate life; the saturation of traditional markets is taking companies to more risky places. New business practices such as off shoring, challenge companies to manage at a distance. Because of this, security risks have become more complex. Many of the threats, such as terrorism, organized crime and information security, are asymmetric and networked, making them more difficult to manage. As a result, security has a higher profile in the corporate world today than it did five to ten years ago. Companies are looking for new ways to manage these risks and the portfolio of the security department has widened.

To cater to the growing requirement of the Security Managers in the Industry and the Corporate World, we at OSSIM are providing one-to-one personalized workshops to professionals and managers on a regular basis. The training to the corporate world is provided through the use of customized modules, intensive role-playings, case studies, brainstorming and simulations. Consisting of a pool of Management Consultants and Trainers having rich experience in their respective core competency areas, OSSIM undertakes management consultancy projects and corporate training programs and provides total Security solutions.

In an education environment that has yet to formalize the contents of the training for Security Staff, OSSIM has a well endowed team, which deliberates and carries out R & D on the subject, carefully identifying the specific requirements of the client by way of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and then matches this requirement from an international knowledge base, reflecting global best practice and standards. The specific conclusions for domestic environment in general and client needs in particular are thereafter arrived at.

In this global economy, corporates are vulnerable to security breaches that could result in the stealing of essential information, property loss or damage, and even harm to executives and their families. Companies are looking for new ways to manage these risks and the portfolio of the security department has widened to include shared responsibility for things such as reputation, corporate governance and regulation, corporate social responsibility and information assurance. For security to be aligned with the business, security managers must understand the business and how they contribute towards its objectives.

We at OSSIM have done the “Need Analysis” of the core Security issues of the Corporate and have developed customized training not only for the Security Managers but also for staff from other departments so that they are trained to address security incidents and emergencies in a professional manner.

Towards this, we conduct programmes of short duration on the following subjects, to meet the needs of the clients:
• Personal Security
• Physical Security
• Information Security
• Corporate Governance
• Compliance and Ethics Programs
• Crime Prevention and Detection
• Fraud deterrence
• Investigations
• Risk Management
• Business continuity planning
• Crisis management
• Environment, Safety and Health

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