Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state of India in area faced separation and divided in two part that also gave birth to a new state Chhattisgarh. Madhya Pradesh also lost most of it minerals and industries to newly born state Chhattisgarh. That also led unemployment and struggle of development for the state government. It is always seen that unemployment causes criminal activities like theft, robbery etc. This also make safety a challenge for the society as well government.

To solve such issues we need persons who trained in physical and industrial security with advance technology. OSSIM (Asia’s first institute of its kind and also first institute recognised by London Metropolitan University) has come up with the oath to produce skilled and trained security personals through its advance Security Management Course like CSP (Certified Security professional), EDSIM (Executive Diploma in Security and Intelligence Management), PGDSIM (post Graduate Diploma in Security and Intelligence Management), DSIM (Diploma in Security and Intelligence Management) and its specific programs like Bomb Threat, Hotel Security, Bank Security, Traffic Control and Parking, Access Control etc.  

Getting trained by the advance courses of OSSIM youngsters and working persons in security sector can make a better future and keep the society safe at the same time.

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