We have a Oriental Education Pvt. Ltd.  policy that we will NOT send email to anyone who has not opted to receive the email and furthermore, even after you have opted-in, you can opt-out at any time (although we hope you won’t). 

Privacy Policy

1. Subscription management links and removal options are clearly visible and readily available.

2. We will never share, rent or sell a subscriber’s email address from our database or email list.

3. We will never use a customer or subscriber’s email address for any purpose other than that which the customer or subscriber requested.

4. A subscriber’s email address will never be added to an email list unless both steps of the double opt-in process have been completed for that specific email list.

Anti-Spam Policy

OSSIM strongly opposes and does not condone any form of spamming activity. OSSIM welcomes any feedback on Privacy or Spam issues related to its initiatives on its lists, and asks that you report any spam or suspicious email activity. All email distributed by OSSIM will comply with the Can-Spam Act and OSSIM Marketing’s Email and Privacy policy.

Newsletters and Promotional Emails

OSSIM policies for its newsletters and promotional email are:

1. Subscribers must complete an Opt-In process involving 2 separate steps before they will be added to an email list. Step 1 is an online submission where subscribers submit their email address and ask to be added to an email list. Step 2 is a “confirmation” email sent to the potential subscriber’s registered email address, informing them that their address has been submitted and asking them to click on a confirmation link if they would like to be added.

2. Subscribers may remove themselves, or request to be removed, at any time. 


Could I Receive Email from OSSIM that I didn’t request?

Whilst it is highly unlikely that this could happen, a small possibility exists that you could receive email from us that you did not request if you are signed up for an email list without your knowledge. This is specifically why we use the double opt-in process. If you do not click on the confirmation link in the confirmation email you will not be added to the list. If you receive a request for confirmation email from us that you did not originate, delete it, you will not be added to the list without your consent of confirmation. 


Can I Remove Myself from an Email List?

Every newsletter or promotional email you receive from us includes a “Manage Your Subscription” link, contained in the footer of the email, which will direct you to your subscription profile, where you can remove yourself from an email list at any time by de-selecting the relevant checkbox.

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