Andhra Pradesh, which faced separation few years back and divided in two part as Andhra Pradesh, is trying to re structure itself as it had lost so many its resources to Telangana. Now people of Andhra Pradesh are again facing basic problem of unemployment which gave birth to some non-bearable acts like robbery, theft etc.


In such condition safety has raised as a big issue for its development. To handle it we need skilled and well trained professionals, which can be solved through OSSIM. As OSSIM was born with the aim of providing safety to the society through its Security and Intelligence Management Courses like

CSP (Certified Security professional),
EDSIM (Executive Diploma in Security and IntelligenceManagement),
PGDSIM (post Graduate Diploma in Security and Intelligence Management),
DSIM (Diploma in Security and Intelligence Management)

its specific programs like

Bomb Threat,
Hotel Security,
Bank Security,
Traffic Control,
Access Control


Getting trained by the advance courses of OSSIM youngsters and working persons in security sector can make a better future and keep the society safe at the same time.

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