OSSIM is the First Security Education and Training Institute in Asia for all levels of personnel and Security Education and Training in every facet of the subject whether it be on land, sea or air. OSSIM adopts the principles of the Business Excellence Model, in both its internal management and in meeting the needs of its clients. As a result, OSSIM is now emerging as a “Centre of Excellence” for security and offers exclusive quality in the contents and delivery of knowledge on the subject of security.

In an education environment that has yet to formalize the contents of the training for Security Staff, OSSIM has a well endowed team, which deliberates and carries out R & D on the subject, carefully identifying the specific requirements of the client by Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and then matches this requirement from an international knowledge base, reflecting global best practice and standards. The specific conclusions for domestic environment in general and client needs in particular are thereafter arrived at.

OSSIM was established in 2007 and founded by Mr. Gerald O’ Connell, QPM (Chairman, OSSIM), Captain Ravee (Dean, OSSIM) and Ms. Priyanka Sehgal (Principal Director).

The Board and Management at OSSIM is experienced in the field of Private Security and understand the subject. OSSIM has State of the art training institute, situated in Chandigarh, with all facilities for training security. It can train several hundred security personnel in various disciplines simultaneously, on site, in Chandigarh, and can even provide training at client’s site.


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