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Posted Date :8/4/2021 12:00:00 AM
Category :Security Operations and Physical Security

What Will I Learn?




  • Introduction
  • Essentials of physical Security
  • Protective Site
  • Physical Barriers
  • Lighting
  • Access Control


1. Introduction - Physical security means physical measures designed to safeguard person and property and prevent unauthorized access to a facility, material and document. The aim of physical security is to safeguard person and property and prevent unauthorized access to facility, material and document.

2. Essentials of physical Security

(a) Targets Physical security targets comprise main and secondary. The main category consists of targets that are vulnerable and strategically located, for example plant, equipment, goods, cash and classified documents. The secondary category embraces those targets that are less vulnerable and kept in non strategic areas

(b) Threats Threats to these targets may arise through natural, accidental or man made disasters. In periods of tension and abnormal threats, physical security applications will intensify whereas standard operating practices will apply under normal conditions. Physical security employs protective as well as preventive measures designed to resist any negative change in the normal security condition. The measures applied comprise a system of control over organizational facilities i.e. plant, equipment, material, supplies etc.

(c) Methodologies Physical security methodologies consist of a system of physical as well as procedure controls, technical applications and emergency measures.

These methodologies are inter-related and also apply to the other two functional areas viz. personnel security and proprietary information security.

(d) Functions The functions of physical security are essentially protective as well as preventive. It is protective because it prohibits unauthorized movement or use of organizational facilities and property by permitting only authorized access and use through a system of checks. It is preventive because it employs those methods and procedures which are preventative. The standard physical security functions include the application of any combination of following measures: -

(i) Protective site

(ii) Barriers.

(iii) Lighting

(iv) Access control

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