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Posted Date :11/5/2018 12:00:00 AM
Category :Standard Operating Procedure
Subject :GENERAL

What Will I Learn?






Elements of the SOP

Approach to Prepare SOPs

SOPs in Services/ Military

SOPs in Industry and Business

Information Technology Industry




1. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a valuable tool and worth the preparation time. SOPs go beyond the basic "cookbook" procedural description of materials and methods and also provide details about the appropriate precautions.


2. The terms Standard Operating Procedures and Standing Operating Procedure, both abbreviated as SOP, are used in a variety of different contexts: healthcare, education, industry, services and military, etc.


3. Here are some examples of topics that lend themselves well to the SOP format:

a.     Receipt, accounting, inspection and issue of raw materials.

b.    Production.

c.     Inventory, procurement, receipt, inspection and issue.

d.    Laboratory Security

e.     Disposal of hazardous materials.

f.     Assembling, packing and dispatch.

g.    Operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

h.     Disaster Recovery Processes.

i.      Information Security.

j.      Physical Security of Plant.

k.     Transportation of hazardous materials between facilities


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