Security Guards are the first line of defense against crime. With unpredictable situations and terror on the rise, the guards are required to gain some basic knowledge and skills on how to react in emergency situations.
Additionally, different sectors in the corporates and industry require guards to behave and react accordingly.
India’s Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA), was created to improve private security standards in the country by issuing licenses to security companies. It also sets minimum standards for security guards, such as 160 hours of training before deployment.
Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA) has made it obligatory for the Private security agencies to impart formal training to their guards' force.



  • OSSIM has created a state of art advisory in the area of Security Training, Audit and Consultancy.
  • OSSIM is registered under PSARA Act and recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • OSSIM’s trainers are highly experienced and are qualified and certified from SSSDC and have rich and extensive experience of training the security personnel of cross-section of the industry.

What you will Get

Benefits to the organisation

Who should get it done

  • Increased Awareness of Threats
  • Increased Confidence on the Job
  • More Knowledge about Best Practices in the industry
  • Greater Access to Career Options in the Industry
  • Defense Against Security Risks
  • Build Customer/Client Trust and Loyalty
  • Self-Protection & Defense
  • Immediate Response to Threats
  • Better Understanding of Legal Standards and Limitations
  • Aspiring Security Personnel
  • Newcomers to the Security Industry
  • Currently working Security Guards
  • Ex-Service Men
  • 10th / 10+2 Passouts



This is a general security guard training course that introduces candidates to the rigors and duties of a security guard. It is a one-time course that offers a certificate of completion for candidates who complete it. 
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      Capitol Point - Som Pro Facilities Reliance Industries - Wikipedia  Essel Group - Wikipedia  
                                                                                                                                                            and many more…

OSSIM provided tailor-made programs for the above cients.

Security guards do more than just stand watch. Competent, well-trained security personnel can provide a variety of critical services for their clients, including:

  • Personal protection to keep you and/or others safe from theft, violence, and other criminal acts
  • Observation and deterrence that protects property
  • Patrol services for neighborhoods, campuses, and other areas
  • Rapid response to security alarms and crisis situations
  • Guard services to protect cash and other hard assets




A few of the topics that are covered in the Security Guards Training are:

Basics of Physical Security
Frisking and Search of Vehicles
First Aid
Fire Fighting
Crowd Control
Conduct in Public
Handling Security Equipment
Security Access Control
Parking Control
Understanding Threat
Emergency Response Handling

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